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Helping you finish your quilts, one stitch at a time.

Are you having a hard time getting your quilting just 'right' under your own domestic sewing machine needle? Do you want to relieve that stress and fight? 

I am here to help you lessen your anxiety of fighting and stressing with your quilts under your sewing machine and save your time so you can continue to create beautiful quilt tops by completing the quilting for you!


Hi! I'm Alison, and I'm the lady behind Redheaded Rita Quilting. I am a Military Spouse, living my dream of making quilts and quilting all day and I would love to help you finish any quilt tops you have! 


I also make custom quilts for commission. I take your ideas and thoughts and turn them into finished quilts! 

I can't wait to talk, and see what I can quilt for you!

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