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Getting your Quilts Prepared

Please make sure these steps are followed before sending in your quilts

  • Stitch a stay stitch

    • A seam 1/8 of an inch away from the edge of your entire quilt top to help keep the seams from pulling apart as the quilt is loaded into the frame

  • ​Press your quilt top and backing beforehand

  • Trim away and remove any loose threads

  • Backing and Batting (if you are providing batting)

    • At least 4 inches bigger on all four sides of the quilt top.

      • This is here to allow enough fabric to load into the frame and for any shirting within the quilt top.​

  • Square up the backing

    • Please leave the salvage on ​

  • Mark the top of the backing  and the top of your quilt top with a safety pin and note

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